DIY: Lighten your skin tone

Ok so I just came back from India (I was on holidays). So I haven't really posted any posts lately.
But anyways... When I was there last time, one of my cousins had reaaaallllyyyy fair skin.
But when I went this time, her skin tone was darker.

So I asked her and she said "It was my wedding last year so everyday I used aloe vera to lighten my skin tone." I asked further more and she actually kept aloe vera plants in her house to use it freshly.

Now we can't do that if we don't have time but you can buy the 99% pure aloe vera gel from pharmacies/drugstores. They never sell 100% pure because they have to add preservatives in to keep them long lasting.

So if you want lighter skin tone, get the aloe vera gel and apply it every single day and massage it into your skin for atleast 2 mins. Massage it on your face and neck. Because you don't want your face whiter than your neck. It looks unnatural and NOT attractive at all. I am going to try this too.

This is actually recommended in Ayurvedic (Ancient Indian beauty secrets) and ALL the treatments for any problems from head to toe, works for everyone. They are all natural as well. Please let me know about your experience :) Take care

Love Krishna xxx
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