DIY: Strengthen your Nails Naturally

Do you get the pain when you break your nails as well? Well I don't. Wanna know the secret? Then keep reading...

Here are some Treats I give to my Nails:

1)   Every time I wash my hands, I apply some hand cream and massage it on my cuticles for a minute. I use  Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It is really moisturising. Dryness of nails can be the reason of breakage. So moisturising is the key.

2)   Acetone can be really drying on nails. So after using a nail remover to take off the polish, I wash my hands with warm water to get rid of acetone or any other chemicals. Then I simply massage my hands and cuticles with the hand cream.

3)   I use Essence's Nail Remover and believe it or not, my nails feels moisturised and it doesn't have that squeaky clean, dry effect. Maybe because it contains coconut and papaya extract.

4)   Sometimes during winter, I massage some almond oil on my hands and cuticles for 2 mins. Then I put on cotton gloves and go to sleep. Cotton gloves doesn't soak up the almond oil so the oil stays on hands to moisturise them. When you wake up, your hands will be really soft and your nails will be much stronger.

5)   Rubbing or Tapping your nails gently will increase blood circulation and so this will strengthen the nails. I use the Rubbing motion because its easier. Just rub your nails against each other for 2-3 mins everyday.

So here are all the things I do for my nails and to be honest, my nails hardly ever break. Or maybe it could be genes because my mum's nails are really thick and strong.

But you girls can try these tips on your nails and see for yourself. There's nothing to lose because it is all Natural.

Take Care.
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Love Krishna xxx

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