Beauty Secrets

It is no longer easy to spare some moments for ourselves. There are always a bunch of things to do like going to places, seeing friends and relatives, meetings to attend, eat every thing possible at happy hours etc. etc. Taking care of yourself is not worth the effort any more.

Try to do the best you possibly can during your first semester at school. Enjoy it while redesigning the style of your fashion and beauty regimen, unravel the inner beauty secrets of yours. You need to get each and every fashion accessory from shoes to purses to trendiest shades of eye shadow and lip gloss. You can improve the gorgeous beauty of fall with your own individual choices of what you are wearing.

Soft, smooth skin…

Take good care of your skin to save it from the rigors of seasons. The best pampering of your smooth skin can be done with whipped body creams during the chilly winter season. You need to stock up on your favorite lotion, body cream and moisturizer in your dorm room locker as well as in your purse or back pack so as to have easy accessibility from any where to tackle dry or cracked skin. Check online and find out the beauty secrets of celebrities.

The perfect pout…

For the current season, the importance is on your lips. The trendiest shades for this autumn are bold wine stain hues. You can choose burgundy, brick, scarlet, plum etc. out of the list of colors. You need to make sure the lip color complements and goes along with your skin tone and hair color. Add some tinted lip gloss to your favorite lipstick and it will be sure to garner some passionate kisses!!  During this season, check out the latest in beauty secrets of celebrities.

Flirty fingertips…

The current craze in finger nails is short oval or short square nails surrounded by dark bold designs. In case you hate dark, do not choose them. You can use your traditional favorite. You can achieve a really elegant look by doing a French manicure which will go great with any dress you wear.
The eyes have it…

The sexiest and most popular tones for your eyes this season are blue, gray and silver. You can experiment a little bit by mixing textures and hues with your choice of make up. Apply some eye liner as well. White colored eye pencil is a rage as of now. If you check out some magazines or check out the stars and celebrities online you will find the looks they attain with the help of white eye liner.

If you want to get attention to your eyes without getting all the attention away from your lips, the best thing to do is play up your eye lashes. On special occasions, you can try some fake eye lashes as well. For your daily use, you can use a lengthening or thickening mascara as per the size of your own eye lashes.

Get a little cheeky…

Applying a little bit of pink or reddish shade to your cheek is always great. This is true at any age. You can totally change a dull look by light dusting of blush. The most popular trend of the season is matte skin.

Sexy and subtle eyes will be perfectly alright as the emphasis during autumn is on lips. You need to always keep your skin soft, smooth and smelling great with regular application of quality body creams. You can improve the fall beauty designs further by your smoky eyes and dark finger tips. Any lady's appearance will be improved by the subtle application of blush.
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