The best beauty tips on lips

- If you wish to have gorgeous lips all through the day, then you need to draw all over your lips using a lip pencil before you apply lip stick or lip gloss.

- In order to have fuller looking lips, you can draw lines on your lips using a pencil and then mix the edges by using a sponge applicator. Then you can finish it off with petroleum jelly or lip gloss.
- To keep your teeth clear of lip stick. First open your mouth in to an extreme "O" shape. Then wrap a tissue on your finger and insert the finger in to your mouth and slowly circle your finger all around your mouth. This will get rid of any extra lip color out there.
- If you apply a little bit of lip gloss in the middle of your top lip, that would give you a sexy and pouty mouth.
- Find out a light eye shadow color which goes with your lip color shade and apply it right in the middle portion where your upper and lower lips meet each other.
- If you apply a lighter shade of lip stick on your smaller sized lip, that will hide the uneven size of your lips.
- To avoid losing lip stick while eating, you can try to keep your lips from touching the utensils, with the use of your tongue and lower level teeth.
- You can smoothen your lips out, by rubbing it with a wash cloth, before the application of lip stick on them.
- If you use any foundation around your lips, that would give a much more accurate look, even without the use of a lip liner.
For Full Lips lip tips:
Only a very few fortunate women have the perfectly sexy big lips!! Now a days, women try collagen to give them better lips. But there is a risk of your lips ruining the over all shape of your face, unless you do it very carefully.
- Lip liner is not necessary at all. If you like softer edges, you can achieve with the use of your finger or a Q-tip.
- Never try on any heavily shiny or glossy lip color.
- Use a neutral colored lip pencil and draw a little bit away from the lip. Now if you apply lip stick, it will fill up to the liner.
- You can use a white shadow above your lip stick, about the centre of your lips and then spread it a little bit.
- Use of any really dark shades of lip stick will give the appearance of even smaller lips than what you really have.

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