Adult Acne Is Affecting Me

Acne is a medical condition caused by genetic and environmental factors, and it does not just "go away" after the teen years.It doesn't means if you were blemish free during your teens and you won't get it now.

Daily skin regime is very important for everyone, such as removing makeup, washing their face,exfoliating,toning and moisturizing; these steps are crucial for maintaining a healthy skin. Another tip -- always make sure to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every 2 hours while out in the sun.Apply some purifying serum locally on skin blemishes in the evening to purify and stabilise them.

There are targeted facial treatments available for your acne problems.Go for treatments that help to absorp sebaceous impurities ,usually with tree with oil and exfoliation with mild salicylic acid for a clearer complexion.

Don't let acne problem affect your self esteem and don't be embarrassed by it.There are a lot of individuals having the same problem.Adult acne is more common than you think.

Sanitary is very important here,remember to use clean sponges or brushes to apply concealer and foundation, instead of applying with the fingertips which can irritate the skin and add bacteria. Keep your brushes clean with either a gentle cleanser like shampoo or a brush cleaner found in a beauty supply store; also the disposable foam sponges are great because you can use a clean one for each application.

Green and yellow-tinted primers may sound intimidating to you,but they can be your best friend with redness in your skin. To conceal major redness and bumps, start with a green tinted primer, and then use a yellow undertoned foundation. With a clean sponge gently apply the primer and foundation, and use a concealer applied with a clean brush for added coverage.

Don't draw attention to your pimples.Play up your other features that is not affected such as your eyes.Distract the attention away from problem areas by being strategic about what to emphasize.

You can try to use some ice on the area to soothes it.Make sure you don't try to pick it with your bare hands.You wouldn't want it to further agitate it.
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