The Dukan Diet

Stage One: The Attack Phase
The attack phase allows for an unlimited quantity of protein to be consumed. This includes low-fat meat such as beef, fish and seafood, eggs and zero fat dairy products. You can not use oil, cream or butter and may not fry the meat. It is important that you drink at least 1.5 L of water per day and you can also drink tea and coffee with sweeteners but strictly no sugar.
The meat needs to be 10% fat or lower and you must trim the fat or skin from any meat or poultry. It is it is highly recommended that you take vitamin and mineral supplements during this period. A brisk 20 minute walk each day is an important part of the routine. No more than two eggs or four yolks per week if you have high cholesterol. This stage will be between 3-10 days depending on how much weight you need to lose.

Stage Two: The Cruise Phase
the next stage of the diet will make up the bulk of the plan. In this phase we alternate between a pure protein stage and a protein with vegetable stage. You are free to decide on the length of each stage of what she decided must be a consistent length usually between three and 10 days with five days in optimal. The protein phase is the same as the attack phase of the vegetable phase allows you to add most vegetables while avoiding very starchy ones like potatoes, rice, corn, please, beans, lentils and avocados. Somewhat starchy foods like carrots and beetroots .

Stage Three: Consolidation
For every pound that we have lost during our diet we must stay in this phase for five days. For example if we have lost two stone we would be in consolidation mode for about five months (2×14x5/30).
We are now allowed to readjust by introducing some more tasty foods such as one serving of fruit per day, 1 to 2 servings of starchy food per week (one serving during the first half of this stage and two during the second half), two slices of wholemeal bread with low-fat butter per day and one serving of hard cheese per day. We can also introduce more fatty meats such as goose.
The real bonus of this stage of the diet is that we must eat two “celebration meals” per week. These consist of three full courses of whatever we want, complete with bread and butter, alcohol and chocolate. It is, however, key that we only have one serving for each course. The aim here is to return to an enjoyable but balanced diet, not to make gluttons of ourselves! The fantastic thing is, this is not a suggestion, this is a doctor’s orders. Dr Dukan insists that we must eat these enjoyable meals to begin readjusting our bodies to a more balanced diet.

Stage Four: Stabilisation
This is the final stage and will last as the rest of our lives. It is very easy to maintain but it is also by far the most important stage. Now that we have reached our goal weight, we do not want to fall foul of what most dieters fall foul of: putting the weight straight back on again, often with interest! Simply by maintaining a balanced diet of enjoyable food and committing to one day a week of pure protein we will maintain our ideal weight forever.
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