DIY: Get Voluminous Lustrous Hair


Volumizing products can only give you temporary volume in your hair. Do you want your hair to be voluminous and shiny (not greasy) forever?, then keep on reading...

You Need:
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
Almond Oil

Coconut Oil strengthens hair. Castor oil makes hair voluminous. Olive Oil makes hair shiny (not greasy) and Almond Oil nourishes hair.

Wash your hair at night with your chosen shampoo. Let your hair air-dry. Until your hair dries, prepare your oils. Mix all the oils together taking enough amounts depending on your hair length. Take all the oils in equal amounts. Then put the mixed oils in microwave bowl and heat it up to be warm enough to apply. Warm oil opens up the pores and will be absorbed effectively by the hair follicles. When ALL your hair dries, massage the oils in your scalp and apply the rest on your hair. Secure your hair tightly with a cloth, and leave it overnight.
Do this at least once a week and your efforts will definitely show on your hair. Take Care.

Love Krishna xxx
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