DIY: Get Rid of Facial Hair in 2 Mins

Girls, I know it's extremely embarrassing for girls to have facial hair. But you are not the only one. If you have facial hair and want the EASIEST way to get rid of them, then

You Need:
A thread of 6 inches which I am sure everyone has at home.

Yes, its threading, but the way I do at home doesn't require an expert to do it and you don't need some one else to do it for you. This way, your facial hair will grow back in 2 weeks, so its almost like waxing but I wouldn't recommend anyone to wax their face, as it strips away the natural moisture in your skin and makes your skin red. It also removes hair from roots so in meantime, they will stop growing.

1) Take the thread and tie both ends together.

Watch this video for further directions HERE because it is hard to explain in words.

The video is for eyebrows but you can do the same for upper lip.
After threading, just splash the threaded area with cold water and you are ready to go :) Take Care

Love Krishna xxx
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