DIY: 4 Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and sebum that turns black in colour because of exposure.
Why shouldn't you use products to remove blackheads? It's because lots of products have alcohol, menthol and eucalyptus, which increases oil production and this is where blackheads come from.
Here are some ways to get rid of them naturally :-

1) You Need: (This is like making your own pore strips)

    Egg White
    Thin tissue paper (Kitchen tissue is fine)
Beat an egg white and make sure you don't mix the yoke with the white. Apply the egg white on, where you have blackheads and then cover it with 2 layers of tissue. Peel it off when it dries. You will obviously know when it dries. Rinse your face with warm water and the black heads should be gone.
P.S. I haven't tried it so please tell me guys if it worked or not :)

2) You Need:
    Tomato Juice
    Cotton Balls/sheets

Squeeze some tomato juice out. Take your cotton and soak it under warm water. Place the soaked cotton on the blackheads area and hold it there for at least a minute. Repeat soaking the cotton if it gets cold. This will soften the blackheads. Apply the tomato juice on and leave for 15 mins. Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores.

3) You can exfoliate your face every 3-4 days a week to get rid of them. To find a natural exfoliator suitable for your skin type, check out my blog post HERE and make your own exfoliator.

4) You can make your own pore strips at home without spending too much money. Check this video HERE to make them.

What I do to get rid of them, is simply exfoliate my skin naturally about 3-4 times a week. But for you, it depends on your skin. DO NOT try to scrap your skin in order to remove the blackheads. This will damage your skin really bad. Please tell me if you have tried any of these tricks and it worked for you. Your opinion really matters :) Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx

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