DIY: Prevent Acne during Periods

Hey guys!! I want to do this post because many girls suggest me to do a DIY post on this topic.
Now why do pimples occur during periods? Its because your hormones get active. Unfortunately we can't stop these hormones but LUCKILY we can slow them down to prevent acne. So here is what you do to slow them down :-

1) Do some kind of meditation or yoga. NOT the OMMMMM..... kind of ones. They are good but you need to do them in proper way. Okay so first sit on a flat floor with a mat on. Fold your legs and do the basic posture of yoga as shown in the photo above. Now close your eyes and focus on the middle point between your eyes with the eyes closed. Then you can count number or say OMMM.. whichever you prefer. Or you could count sheep except don't fall asleep haha. The point is to calm down your hormones by concentrating on one point.

2) Wash your hair on the second day of your period to clean and cleanse your scalp. Dirty scalps can cause acne especially during periods. DO NOT wash your hair on first day because it is bad for your health. (That's what my mom says by the way.) I don't know how it affects your health though.

3) Wear as less makeup as possible. Use tinted moisturizers instead of foundation for few days.

4) Stay hydrated. Drink water and juices with Vitamin C like orange juices of course.

5) Don't eat much chocolate and oily foods during periods as it is inflammable for your skin during periods.

I hope these tips work for you. P.S. I don't get acne on period days which is weird but its true so I don't have personal experience with the tips but I done the research and that is what the world of internet say :) By the way leave comments below if you have more tips to give and your Personal Experience. Stay healthy and Take Care  

Love Krishna xxx
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