DIY: Make-Up Removers for Any Skin Type

Hello Beauties! People are saving up money for Christmas and of course the R..rec.. recession. It's horrible I know but you don't have to worry. I have so many DIYs to fill up your piggy bank. Today's post will be about how to make your own make up removers suitable for your skin type.

1) Grape fruit oil for dry skin.

I would prefer Grapefruit oil because it penetrates easily through your skin. And its moisturizing enough for dry skin types. So get a cotton ball and dip it in the oil and simply sweep of all the make up. I would recommend you to soak or dampen your face before taking make up off with oil because it will make easier for you to take off the make up.

2) Water mixed with Aloe Vera for acne prone and sensitive skin.

You can get Aloe Vera at any health/drugs stores. So get any type of a container preferably a bottle. Pour 200 ml of water in and 100 ml of Aloe Vera. Close the bottle and shake it to mix them up. Dampen your face and soak a cotton with the mixture we made and simply take off all the make up.

3) Olive Oil for oily skin types.

You might be wondering how can I use an oil for oily skin. Don't worry, it won't make your skin oily because your skin can't absorb olive oil. It just balances the amount of oil in your skin. In other words if your skin is oily, olive oil will reduce the oil in your skin. I know its weird but its a true fact. So dampen face and get a cotton ball. Dip it in the oil and sweep off the make up.

After using any of the above make up removers, wash your face with any face wash. I use Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash and Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser.

Take Care
Love Krishna xxx

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