DIY: Get The Flawless Skin Like Models

I have read lots of magazines and articles that said "If you want flawless spot-free skin then try not to drink milk." So I experimented it. I haven't drank milk for 2 weeks now. 

Personal Experience: 
I was AMAZED by the difference it made on my skin. I mean my skin has never looked so flawless before. My friends, parents and even neighbours noticed it. You might be thinking I am over exaggerating it by saying neighbours. But its true.
I went for shopping today and I saw my neighbour there too. As soon as she saw me.. she asked "Krishna, your skin looks amazing what did you do?" and I was just like OMG she actually noticed it. I was really shocked.

So basically, I experienced THAT much difference only by avoiding milk. 

Well milk is really good for your health so make sure you eat something else to make up for nutrients you get from milk. And that is what I do now. Try eating more beans or fish because protein is really good for your hair and nails. 

Let me know your experience :) Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx

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