DIY: Make those pores invisible

This trick doesn't make them go away completely but it definitely makes them smaller temporarily.

All you need is:
    1. Aloe Vera Gel

    2. Any moisturiser of your choice
I use an Indian moisturiser Vicco Turmeric Cream. It makes my skin tone lighter.

  • So after you take a shower/wash your face, take the aloe vera gel and apply it as a moisturizer. 
  • It tightens your skin and pores as well making them appear smaller. 
  • Then take your moisturiser and apply it on after 2 mins so the aloe gel soaks in well. After 2 more mins you will notice your pores looking smaller.
  • You can then apply make up too. 
  • Its the best tip I have personally experienced.

You guys should definitely try it out and aloe gel also keeps your skin even toned. It prevents acne and basically its REALLY good for your skin.

Let me know your experience :) Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx

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