30 Days to a Better Butt

Sideways Step, Starting Position

1. Starting position: Stand with feet slightly apart. Bend your knees and lean forward into a crouching position.

Sideways Step, The Move (a)

2a. The move: Staying in the crouch position, take a fast step to the side with your left foot.

Sideways Step, The Move (b)

2b. Quickly bring your right foot over to meet the left foot, tapping the ball of the right foot on the floor. Repeat by stepping your right foot out, with your left foot coming to meet it. A rep includes movement of both left and right feet. For an added challenge, quicken the pace.

Kickback, Starting Position

1. Starting position: Get down on knees and forearms.

Kickback, The Move

2. The move: Starting with the left, bend leg at a 90-degree angle, then flex foot and lift toward the ceiling. Being careful not to move pelvis, pulse foot three to four inches toward the ceiling. After 15 reps, switch legs.

Kickback, Variation

3. Variation: To increase difficulty and isolate the muscles you're targeting, use a resistance ball. It comes in three sizes and is about $30 in most sporting goods stores. Place the ball (we used a medium) between the calf and thigh of the leg you are lifting. Repeat from Step 2.

Backward Lunge, Starting Position

1. Starting position: Stand with feet hip-width apart.

Backward Lunge, The Move

2. The move: Step backward with left leg, keeping heel off floor. Bend both knees until right thigh is parallel to floor and left thigh is perpendicular to it. Pause, then return to starting position. Click arrow to see a variation on this exercise.

Backward Lunge, Variation

3. Variation: Repeat from Step 2, holding onto a chair and placing top of foot on resistance ball (ball will slide).

Lifting Crunch, Starting Position

1. Starting position: Lie on your back with knees bent, feet slightly apart, arms down at your sides.

Lifting Crunch, The Move

2. The move: Squeeze glutes together and tighten your abdominals. Continue to squeeze glutes as you raise your pelvis toward the ceiling, lifting as high as you can. Hold for three counts. Keeping glutes tight, slowly lower your pelvis down to the floor, starting with your midback and ending with your tailbone.

Lifting Crunch, Variation

3. Variation: Rest calves on ball. Repeat from Step 2.

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