DIY: Prevent Hair Loss

Do you have GREEN TEA in your kitchen?? If you don't you need to buy it ASAP. I LOVE it because it is good for both skin and hair. I will do a separate post on how you can use green tea for skin. But for now its for hair :) Don't worry your hair won't smell bad at all. It doesn't have any smell and it won't stain your hair.

Okay so here is what you do if you are suffering from hair loss..

1) Take a pan and fill half of it with water.
2) Put 2 green tea bags in the pan and warm up the water on a stove. DO NOT brew it because it will kill the nutrients in green tea. And DO NOT boil it, just warm up the water and stir it with the tea bags until the water is dark-ish green.
3) Then turn off the gas and let the water cool down.
4) Put some ice cubes in the green tea to make it cool because if you pour cold water with green tea in it, it makes your hair shiny and glossy and it closes the hair cuticles to prevent hair loss.
5) When the green tea is cold enough, pour it in a jug.
6) Shampoo and Condition your hair as you do normally and then pour the green tea on your hair and let it pass thoroughly.

Oh and green tea also help in hair growth.

What not to do to when it comes to hair loss :-

Don't brush your hair when they are wet because that's when they are at their weakest point.
Don't do any hairstyles that are tight because they make your hair thin and weak.
Don't brush your hair every minute. Once a day is enough.
If you have itchy scalp, don't scratch it harshly.
If you have long sharp nails, they can break your hair. (This is the reason my hair were breaking so then I had to cut my nails and unsharpen them and since then my hair doesn't really fall out)
Don't massage your scalp with your nails.
Don't pull your hair too much when putting them up.

And that is all :) Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx
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