Eye Makeup Ideas

Providing perfect makeup is not every body's cup of tea. In makeup, eyes play a dominant role in getting the right look. In fact, in many cases, the look is decided right on the basis of eye shape you have. The spacing and shaping of eyes helps in determining the look you want. With the right makeup ideas, your look will transform into a new one. With innovative eye makeup ideas you may not be able to recognize yourself while standing in front of mirror.
There are different types of eye makeup concepts, but you can only expect the best eye makeup with the help of professional eye makeup artist only. The best thing about eye makeup is it can help you to change your look just completely. In order to get the perfect eye makeup you must possess the basic eye makeup kit. Ensure that you have the basic shade to get the right look. The basic eye makeup kit should contain highlighter, mid shade and contour. The highlighter is the lightest shade that helps in bringing the areas after its application. Mid shade is that shade that must match with the tone of your skin. The color is the most subtle, but the most important one. While on the other hand contour is the darkest shade.
Innovative Eye Makeup Ideas:Eye makeup is completely creative thing that depends on the concerned makeup artist. Some of the innovative eye makeup ideas include hooded eyes, droopy eyes, smoky eyes look etc. You can search on Internet to find the right eye makeup ideas.
The hooded eye makeup looks stunning. With this eye makeup idea, your eye lids will look partially closed with each other. With this eye makeup look it is possible to minimize the length of your eyelid. To get this look it is important your brows are shaped properly and moved upwards. In the next step, cover the eye skin area from brow bone to the top lash line. Start doing the same under the lower lashes of the eyes. In the last step pick the eyeliner and extend upper lashes to the edge of eye and see the dramatic look of your face.
The first aging sign gets revealed on your eyes only. This is the natural aging process that cannot be reversed, but you can opt for droopy eye make ideas to conceal the aging signs. Thus, it acts like camouflage. To conceal droopy eye look place the highlighter under eyebrow and cover the eyelid fully. In the next step apply mid shade in a way that would crease up towards brow line. Follow the application contour color on outside corner of upper eyelashes and brush towards the crease slightly. Lastly, apply the contour shade following the full lash line under your eye.
While applying eye makeup make sure that you are using the right products and preferably the natural ones. They will cost you a little more but make sure that you will never suffer from any side effects
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