Seductive Beauty

Seduction is Alluring
The dance between the sexes is a wonderful thing when it comes to the subject of seduction. Making ourselves alluring and attractive to the one we desire is both fun and exciting. If that wasn't the case, then there wouldn't be as much need for glamorous lingerie stores, hair dressers, rows and rows of cosmetic shelves in department stores, stores that sell sexy clothing, and hundreds of fragrances from namebrand manufacturers.
It all depends on what turns on the object of your desire. Some women love a man with a full beard, whereas, others couldn't tolerate all that facial hair. Some men are switched on by a female in black, lacy lingerie and five inch heels while other men couldn't care less as they would rather have less packaging to deal with. A pair of sexy legs are appealing to a man. Women seem to prefer manly posteriors (okay, butts). It is all very subjective and based on personal preferences.
So, in order to be seductive, you will have to do your homework and know what turns on his/her switch. You will need to get to know the person to accomplish this.
Seduction is Romantic
Romance is the fine art of genuinely treating the object of your love with a sweet caringness that arrouses the desire in them to want to be with you. If you want to seduce him/her, be romantic!
Seducation is Visual
To be seductive, you have to look appealing and sexy - well, just browse through the many beauty secrets right here :-)
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