DIY: Make those Pores Invisible with Max Coverage by Make Up

I saw this video on YouTube by one of my favourite Make Up Gurus who proved that using brushes is the best way to apply foundation. You don't believe me?
Well then test it out yourself...

  1. Using fingers to apply foundation: this will make the pores even more visible because your finger don't reach the inside of the pores to fill them up. It only surrounds the pores which makes them more noticeable. 
  2. Using sponge to apply foundation: this is the technique I hate the most because the sponge absorbs most of the product so it wastes your foundation. You need twice the amount of foundation if you use a sponge to apply. Even the wet sponge does the same thing. 
  3. Using brushes to apply foundation: this will fill out the big pores because the thin hairs can reach and fill them. However make sure to deeply cleanse your face afterwards when you remove your make up. Otherwise you will have clogged pores.
Watch this video by Michelle Phan who demonstrated how brushes are better than other tools.

To make your pores invisible with make up, all you need to do is take a buffing brush like shown below and apply foundation in circular motion all around the face. This fills up those pores giving you max coverage.

The video below by Gossmakeupartist demonstrates how to do this technique. Its absolutely amazing and that's what I will do from now on. I have huge pores too :( so YAY I found this technique. I love this guy :D

I hope this helped you girls :) Take Care.
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Love Krishna xxx

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