DIY: Dry Brushing to Get Rid of Cellulite and Get Healthier Skin

This is a very simple method to get rid of Cellulite and get healthier skin. I haven't tried it but I want you girls to know about it and try it for yourself. I have seen a lot of before and after photos on google and people say that it works so why not give it a chance. There's nothing to lose right? I will definitely try it out.

Our skin is like a third kidney. It releases many toxic materials like sweat and a lot of other stuff. So it needs a little care to get rid of the released materials that lie on our skin. If your skin cannot release these particles, it can result in acne, body odours, rashes etc...
I hope that makes sense :)


  • It is more cleansing and eliminating than any other soaps.
  • It gets rid of all the dead skin cells
  • Makes your skin more effective so it can easily release toxic materials. When your skin does that, there are less chances of getting bacne, the sweat smell etc... 
  • It increases blood circulation and so it tones the skin. Then you can have that flawless skin without tanning your legs or anything like that. 

When you buy a brush, buy the one that has natural fibre bristles. Now this is the reason why I haven't tried this method. Its because I can't find a brush with these bristles anywhere. If you girls know where to buy it from, please let me know in the comments :)

When you are brushing, use no soap or water. It might feel harsh first, but your skin will adjust to it. If your skin is too sensitive, then start with a dry towel. 
Use a different brush for face of course.
When brushing the body, every brush motion should be directed towards the heart.
When brushing face, do it in rotary motions starting from the top forehead.
DO NOT brush the sensitive parts like breasts or where you have an injury or if its infected, irritated etc...

After brushing all over, moisturise your body with any plant oils such as almond, olive, sunflower or use Euro Organic Oil

Do this everyday and your skin will be glowing. Wash the brush using soap once a week. After washing the brush, let it dry out in sunlight. 

Take Care.
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