DIY: Lose Weight Without Exercising

It is 100% possible. I lost weight like that as well. I didn't do much exercise. All I did was added something in my diet and thats all.
What food can possibly reduce weight without exercising? Read more to find out...
The secret is in Pineapples. I did so much research on this and found many stories of men and women telling about their weight loss stories. Most of them lost a lot of kilos in a short time. And I tried it too. But since I only needed to lose 3-4 kgs, I lost my weight in about 2 weeks time. That's really short time compared to what I tried before.

How do Pineapples help lose weight?

Pineapples are the only fruits which contain an enzyme called Bromelain. I mean they may exist in other fruits but not as enough as in Pineapples.
This enzyme helps in digestion of food, prevents inflammation and swelling.
They even make Bromelain Tablets for weight loss. So why take tablets when you can get it naturally.

They also contain Vitamin B1 which helps metabolize carbohydrates.

How much should you eat?

You can eat 2-3 slices of pineapple or make a juice/smoothie out of it.
If you are making a smoothie, mix an apple with it because apples also help in weight loss.

DO NOT eat canned pineapples because they add sugars, preservatives and many other things that are harmful. This will NOT help you in weight loss.
Not even the Pineapple Juice cartons work even if they say it is 100% natural.
So you will be better off drinking/eating it FRESH.

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