Can You Clear up Acne by Imagination?

Okay so I read this article about how you can clear acne by thinking and visualizing that you have clear, beautiful skin. This doesn't mean that negative thoughts cause acne and that you should stop taking external care of your skin.

Personal Experience: When I read this article, I saved it and thought to put it up for you guys so you can all try it out. But before publishing this post, I tried it myself, and it worked a little bit to be honest. It didn't clear up everything, but it did make a small difference. My skin is different than yours, so who knows, it may clear up all the acne for you. It's worth a try.

So here's what you do:

  • Start by feeling good. Think about the stuff that makes you happy like someone you love or Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie Fudge Ice cream (My favourite ♥) or ANYTHING you love to do. Plus take away ALL the stress that you might have.
  • Now sit down and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to kind of "warm up." Then start your visualization. Create a picture/video or whatever you like in your mind where you see yourself happy and with amazing clear skin. Okay this will sound silly, but it feels good. Keep repeating this phrase to yourself in mind "Thank you for my clear skin."
Do this everyday for at least 5 minutes and you should see the difference. You wouldn't see a difference in a day, so you have to be patient. When I tried this, I saw difference in around 10 days. So don't just stop in a week if you don't see a difference, keep going on for another week and you might get the best results :) Please let me know if this worked for any one of you guys. Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx
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