DIY: Skin Lightening Facial Masks

This is a request from one of my blog readers and I am so sorry I took really long.. I am in so much hurry these days.. Hope they work for you guys though :). Remember, before applying any masks, wash your face with warm water to open up the pores, so the skin can absorb the nutrients. Keep the mask for at least 15 mins and repeat every other day.

1) This is an ancient Indian recipe (It worked wonders for me, for all skin types)
You Need:

    1/2 tsp Turmeric
    1 tsp Yoghurt
Mix them well together and Apply. This recipe is my favourite one because it gets rid of my acne, acne scars and works INCREDIBLY. 

2) You Need: (This is for oily skin types)
    1 tsp Gram Flour
    Low Fat Milk
Add enough milk to make a paste type mask. Mix and Apply.

3) You Need: (For Acne Prone and sensitive skin types)
     1/2 tsp Lemon
     1 tsp Honey

Mix and Apply.

4) You Need: (For sensitive/sun burnt skin)
     Cucumber juice
     Gram Flour
Add enough cucumber juice to make a paste. Mix and Apply.

And the last tip to lighten your skin complexion isn't a facial mask or anything. It is about your diet. Putting on face masks and not eating the right diet is not going to bring any results. So eats lots of fruits/veggies and take care of your vitamins + minerals intake. Drink lots of water as they always say. After all, you are what you eat. Let me know if you have any secret skin lightening recipes :) Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx
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