Make Your Hair/Make up Last All Day

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I read an article from Real Simple about how to make you hair/ make up and other beauty concerns, last as long as possible. It's really amazing and works wonders...

Use oil-free foundations, because they don't have emollient ingredients that makes the foundation slide off your face. If your skin is dry, use a really good moisturizer and let it soak it for 5 mins before putting foundation on.
Lock it in with powder and you are ready to go :)

Eye Shadow:
Apply a primer before. If you don't have a primer, use a creamy shadow that matches your skin color or that matches the eye shadow you will use. If you don't prefer layering, then just apply the shadow with a damp brush and that should last long enough.

Liquid and gel eyeliners last longer than the pencil one. But if you just can't part with your beloved pencil, then trace it over with a black shadow. You can also trace with a liquid liner on the bottom and top. I do that personally and it last WAY longer, like up to 8-9 hours. BE VERY CAREFUL though, and try not to stab yourself with the liquid liner brush in the eye.


Simply use a water proof mascara.

Use a lip liner. And use a lip brush, because it presses the pigment deeper in lips than a tube or your finger. Also it applies several thin layers without a gloppy result.

A Blow-Out:
After a home blow-out, make sure that your hair is completely dry. If there's moisture left, it will definitely get your hair frizzy. Run your finger thoroughly to check for any moisture. Then do style as you want. Always wear a shower cap when taking shower, as it will prevent that poofy hair look after getting out of shower. Sleep with a high ponytail, it gives volume :)

An Up-do:
Apply moose in your hair and blow dry it.

This trick won't work on dry hair. So shampoo and condition your hair with moisturising formulas. Then spritz hair spray on damp hair. This will hold your curls for long enough. Curl your hair with roller or pin curls and blow dry it, if your in a hurry. Otherwise just leave them on for around an hour, depending on your hair type.

Buff each nail before painting them, as its harder for paint to adhere on rough surfaces. Do not skip base and top coat. Base coat gives the polish something to stick on and the top coat seals in the color. Let each coat dry for full 2 mins.

Choose and Eau de Parfum which is more concentrated and stronger than others like Eau de Toilette. Apply perfume on places that aren't really exposed to air like your nape, the back of your neck.

A Shave:
Use a hydrating gel for dry skin. This will prop up the hairs and it gives the razor a deep access to the roots. Use a thin layer of the gel, since any more will obstruct the razor. Make a few passes with your razor over each area.

Exfoliate the area before few hours of your tanning process and then moisturize. If you don't your tan will flake off more quickly. After self-tanning, although your skin may feel slightly sticky, resist rubbing the excess off with a towel, the color needs time to develop fully. Instead blot it if you can.
Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx
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