Beauty Tips for Teens

Teenage are the years when you can achieve your natural beauty by using some regular secret beauty tip. This platform will give useful beauty tips for teens. Keep these beauty secret tips in your beauty secrets diary.
Teenage is the age when you’re hairs, your skin, your hands & feet and definitely your inner health deserves the right attitude. Let’s have a look on beauty secret tips.
  • Healthy Diet tips for Teenage
  1. Accurate diet will keep the teenager’s beauty long lasting. Nuts will fulfill the need of vitamins and other nutrition of teenage skin.
  2. Breakfast is must for teenage, it will boost up your energy. Try to have proteins, complex carbohydrates and some fruit juice.
  3. Your intake of water should be 10 to 12 glasses per day. Remember at least this amount of water intake should be on top in teen’s beauty secrets. Whether you have dry, oily or acne skin this water intake will help to maintain teenage skin beauty.
  4. Avoid junk food and fatty acids in much amount. Pastries, burgers, sausages etc should not be the part of your diet.
  5. The most important thing doesn’t take beauty supplements for you skin in teenage. You need natural care and natural beauty secrets tips, but calcium and iron are necessary nutrition’s for teens.
  • Skin Care Beauty Tips for Teens:
  1. Daily skin care will increase beauty of teen skin. Make the habit of these beauty secrets.
  2. Do proper cleansing with mild cleansing milk in the morning and at bed time.
  3. Avoid hard scrub, hard scrubs will only make the situation worse. Use mild exfoliations.
  4. Moisturizer is key to beauty secret for teens. Use Shea butter moisturizers.
  5. Instead of using heavy face pack, use home made mild face pack. Honey is best resource for skin nourishing. Cucumber also enhances the beauty of teen skin. Apply homemade face pack weekly.
  6. Don’t forget to use sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. Re-apply the sunscreen after 4 to 5 hours. But make sure that your skin is cleaned with mild toners before re-applying the sunscreen.
  • Hair Care Beauty Tips for Teens:
  1. Get your split ends trimmed every month.
  2. Natural hair color will enhance the beauty of teen hairs.
  3. Make a habit of brushing before going to bed daily night.
  4. Do proper oiling, oiling once in a week will be enough.
  5. Avoid blow-dry, only use when you need most.
  • Makeup Beauty Tips for Teens:
  1. Don’t go with high tone makeup.
  2. Avoid heavy foundations.
  3. Try to be natural.
  4. Lip glosses, mascara and eye liner is enough for teen skin makeup applications. And if you are makeup lover then go down with lighter tones.
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