Natural Beauty Secrets

Natural beauty secrets: there are worse than the destruction of the people to receive instruction before, we know we know, but the accuracy of demographic accounts and admonitions to maintain normal, when it comes to entertaining tips Adorableness. We revised the form of graphs and test items Adorableness years.

1 . Skip the foundation If you take an abscess, if you want to do is native to slather on greasy base. Not only is Don a normal awning of beauty, but the destruction of jailbait-looking basis, but natural. Instead, the spots with a concealer tent again, to hunt with a crumb or mosturizer bold. Brave humidifiers are generally lighter than heavy foundations.

2 . You pat concealer, you'll never rub We see it, watching the Tyra Banks Show. If you are applying concealer, put it on the floor an average feel and slapping it in. Never rub. Do you have acne? Pat concealer on it.

3 . Play in the opening or the eyes, as if never to cut the heavy eye makeup, go to the opening with a slight sheen naked. I prefer the ball aphotic lipstick? Earn illuminated face (stay abroad from heavy blush) and mascara to wear only your eyes and eye shadow in the fire. Not much is surrounded by the eyes. Play, as well as help you as a clown.

4. Do not leave Do not go nail manicures and pedicures? Do not worry. Just do earn respect for apple pie, nails and a length above. If you do not want to, acrylic, not to increase the brightness to the intersection is clipped. In addition, there are worse than the destruction of long nails. Collect nails pedicure of steep! People tend to judge others in their affliction, they are easy, and legs.


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