DIY: Get Longer Stronger Thicker Hair

I know this photo of me is edited but I couldn't find any picture of me showing all my hair. So yea, this is pretty much how long and thick my hair is now and this was taken like 3 weeks ago. This is all my personal experience. I am also going to mention some products that helped my hair grow Longer, Stronger and Thicker. 


  • For Fine Hair: I really recommend castor oil. This oil THICK and it will definitely make your hair thick too. It did to mine. So apply this oil at least once a week and you will notice the result in about 4-5 weeks. Before you apply this oil, warm it up in the oven to make it more effective.
  • For Weak Hair: I recommend using products of Kerastase. Recently I bought on of their products called Forcintense and it really worked on my hair. My hair felt stronger and now when I brush my hair, it wont fall off. And it worked the very first time I used it. Its amazing! Oh and they are only available in salons.
          By the way do try Pantene products. They are totally awesome!

          As a natural treatment, eat lots of protein rich foods to strengthen hair. The egg or Mayo masks never                              worked for me unfortunately so I'd say don't waste your time on that. But eating protein rich foods really worked on my weak hair.

  • For Short Hair: I recommend coconut oil treatments. This oil helps my hair to grow faster. To be honest, my hair grows FASTER than an average person. And I noticed, those people who used coconut oil in my family (my mum and my granny), always had long beautiful hair compared to anyone else. So warm up the oil and apply it at least once a week. By the way, the coconut oil is cheaper in Asian or Indian stores than anywhere else. 
You can also mix castor oil and coconut oil for fine and short hair. Let me know what you think. Take Care.

Love Krishna xxx
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