DIY: Preventing White Heads

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Hey guys! I haven't blogged a post for a while because I had exams and I did so bad in some subjects :(
Oh well, lets get on the point. So this is my personal experience and so far it has worked the best.
I was reading skincare by Selena Gomez and there she mentioned it is really important to use toners and that's where I got the idea of preventing white heads so thanks to her. I never gave importance to toners but now I REALLY do recommend everyone to use it.

My skin is naturally oily so I really need to slow down the production of sebum. Sebum is the main cause of white heads. People with dry skin can use it too because this natural toner doesn't dry out your skin as long as you use a moisturiser with it too.

All you need is:
Pure Organic Rosewater
I use Atlantic Aromatics Rosewater Spray from Health Store.

Rosewater is a natural skin toner. It doesn't dry out your skin AND it prevents sebum production. Now that's really amazing because the toners in drug stores can really dry out your skin and strip the moisture off, which is worse.

After washing your face, use a cotton ball to apply toner and wait for 2 mins to let it soak in your skin. Then apply your moisturiser and you are ready to go.

Now I don't get clogged pores with sebum and I don't need to use those nose strips as well.
This also helps in preventing acne as it stops the excess sebum production.
I have only used it for like a week and I can already see the huge difference.

Let me know about your experience guys. Take Care.
Love Krishna xxx

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