DIY: 3 Creative Candle Holders

Currently, I am doing a project in my Technology class where I am making an Electric Candle Holder so I typed in Google for some inspiration and I came across some pictures of DIY Candle Holders which were absolutely amazing. So these aren't really my ideas but I wanted to share with you all.

My Favourite One:

 I think its pretty obvious. I don't need to explain much here. But just for the sake of blog...
Find some twigs and branches from your back garden or nearby parks.
Cut them in equal sizes with.. I guess scissors if they work and be careful :)
Use hot glue guns or PVA glue or any liquidy glues to stick them on a container that looks like the one in picture.
I personally like the small cute ones than the big one.
After glued, leave them overnight and you are done!!
You can tie a rope like a ribbon as shown as well. Use your own creativity :)

I love this one because you can make it from scrap books.
So get some decorative paper. It doesn't have to be the exact one shown in picture.
Glue the paper on the outside of the jar.
Tie several rounds of string on the top of jar and you can hang some pieces you want. Like in the picture, they hung a key.
Click HERE from where this really cute idea came from.

Click HERE for the tutorial.
All you need is paper, scissor and container.
I love the way its white and elegant.

Take Care. 

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