DIY: Expert Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

To be honest when I was 13, I used tweezers for my eye brows and they were NOT perfect at all. They were straight across and just awful.

Now, after 5 years I have learnt it from the experts on YouTube. I get soooo many compliments from my friends too. So of course I am speaking from my experience.

On the left is my picture before 4 years. I am in my uniform but anyways see the way my brows are straight across.. ughh :/
And now you can see me on the right. I took this picture a few weeks ago but its the latest one that clearly shows my brows.

I will also link a video on how to do threading at home. Threading might seem complicated but it’s not. Once you get used to it, you will be a pro. Click HERE for the tutorial.

Threading makes your hair grow slower than tweezing and that is why I use this method now.


1) When you are tweezing/ waxing, relax your face and keep your brows in the normal position. DO NOT lift them and tweeze. Because this will give you that straight-across brow.
2) If you already have straight brows, start by growing some brow hair on the top and ALWAYS tweeze them from the bottom. Don’t tweeze them from the top until you get rid of the straight brow shape. This will give you that curve.
3) Try to tweeze your brows only from the bottom and very less from the top. This will help you maintain a good shape.
4) The inside of your brows should start from where your inner corner of the eye is or the edge of your nose.
5) The end of your brow should be diagonal to the edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. I hope this make sense.
6) In my opinion your arch should depend on the expression of your face. So lift your brows and you will kind of notice the arch and that’s where it should be. Otherwise you can follow the picture shown above.
7) If it is your first time then PLEASE get them done professionally and then you can maintain that shape. This is the mistake I made. It doesn’t cost much as well.

Let me know if it helped you :) Take Care.

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Love Krishna xxx

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