Hair Mask Review that Changed my Life

Hey girls. Today I want to tell you about my all time fav hair mask in the whole entire world. I started using it 4 weeks ago and already I can see a HUGE difference in the texture and health of my hair. I have tried total 7 different hair masks from drugstores to high ends. I even tried kerastase but it never worked for me. What €24 of hair mask didn't do anything €4 of this mask did that. Read more to find out ...

It is called................. Aussie Take The Heat 3 Min Miracle Deep Treatment.

The first time I tried it, I noticed just a little difference but then when I continued using it, my hair got better and better.

So I guess when you try something, you gotta be patient (I am not good at that when it comes to using products :/ )

I would recommend this hair mask for those who have damaged their hair by heat or the ones that have coarse and dry hair. It also prevents hair breakage. I don't find hair left in the bathtub any more :O

It tells you to keep it on for 3 mins but I keep it on for half hour and then wash it off. In that time I just finish all my work or just relax with a cup of tea <3

Please tell me about your experience with this hair mask. Did it work the magic or was it just another drug store hair mask?...

Take Care.

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Love Krishna xxx

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