DIY: 5 Ways to Reduce Redness on Face

Well, because I am Indian I have brown skin and so I don't get much redness. But so many people requested me to do a post on this topic so I put a little research and I gathered all the tips and tricks.
From my research some people say that oily skin might cause redness. But before you jump to any decision, please check if your skin is oily or not.
Keep reading if you want to treat it au naturelle. 

1) Anti-redness Mask:

Oatmeal and Milk
Oatmeal has anti inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and we use milk because it calms aggravated skin plus it works as a gentle exfoliator due to lactic acid.

2) Hypnotherapy:

Yes, I know it is a fancy name but trust me all you need for this is your mind and body. It has been proven scientifically that if you can control your body with your mind, then you can prevent redness, blushing, sweating and many other problems. You can start with yoga.

3) Diet:

Avoid hot spicy food.

4) Make up Solution: 

Use green coloured concealer which cancels out the red colour of skin. But be careful using these products. Usually I wouldn't recommend anyone to put make up on but if you don't have time then you can use this short cut.

5) Most Common: 

And you girls may have heard of this a lot but lets just say it once more: Drink lots of water. I hear this a lot and it seems to be the solution of everything so why not give it a try. It can solve most of your skin problems.
Let me know about your experience. Take Care.

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