Why Your Acne Treatment Is Not Working?

many acne sufferers who complained of treatment is not bringing change in the face. The condition also affects the skin causing treatment failed to cure. Here are some reasons why the acne treatment does not work well.

1. The products used are not meant for your specific acne. if you suffer from acne it is important to know what type of acne because this is the reason why the treatment can not be successful. Some products are made for a particular case and may not match the type of your acne so a treatment becomes ineffective.

2. You may not comply with usage guidelines acne medication. The manufacturers of these products usually do research and tests on skin care products to determine how the benefits can be gained from using a particular product. These studies are usually done in order to increase their profitability, but we can all use it to our advantage. So suppose guidelines for use of the product should be preceded by washing the face with warm water or apply the product twice a day and so on, then use the guidelines to be followed. In many cases the treatment will be successful if we follow suggested guidelines or at least closer than desired. So when you decide to do the the treatment of acne should follow the instructions. failure to follow instructions is one of the many ways that will be responsible for acne treatment is not working as it should.

3. The product may be expired. As obvious as this reason may be, many persons may overlook this. It is important that you check expiration dates on all of the skin care products. Some products may however not have this information but may have the year it was manufactured. As a rule of thumb try not to use products that have been manufactured more than 5 years ago. An indication of the potency of acne product may be evident by the consistency of the product. A product that is too liquid or too thick may be indicative of a problem. We all know the way our acne product looks if it deviates from the normal appearance then this may indicate expiration.

4. Treatment does not match your skin type. We may know that the skin has different types. There is a dry skin and oily skin and some acne products formulated for specific skin types. Suppose you have a dry skin might be having problems because the treatment of acne products are usually formulated for oily skin and products aimed to reduce the production of excess oil on the face. This causes people with dry skin will stop treatment because the treatment makes the skin is more problematic. So first identify your skin type before you buy acne products or contact your dermatologist first.

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