Body Sugaring Experience

Hi Girls! I am in Canada for holidays right now. Thats why I haven't been able to write many posts :( But here's a lovely comment sent by one of my beautiful reader who have tried the Body Sugaring technique to remove hair. If you want to know more about it click HERE.
So this is what she commented and I really appreciate it. I think its a better idea :)

I have been sugaring regularly for about six months now, using a different method from the one you describe. I am very happy with it and I want to share it with everyone.
I prepare the sugar by cooking two cups of water, three cups of sugar, and two teaspoons of lemon juice to 260°F (make sure to adjust for altitude). It's important to be precise with the temperature, otherwise the sugarwax turns either too liquid or too firm, and it's useless in both cases. A $1 candy thermometer works just fine.

I let it cool to room temperature (it turns a light golden yellow), then I take a small piece of the pliable mixture and mold it with my hands a little. I apply it against the natural direction of hair growth, making sure to push it into the hair follicles, and pull it quickly in the direction of hair growth. I reuse the same piece of sugar for as long as it works, and just grab a new one when there is too much hair on it. There are several youtube videos explaining how to do this stripless sugaring, however most of them use a different recipe. I have tested several, and I find this one to work best.

I prefer stripless sugaring to virtually any other method for just about any part of my body. I find that hair takes longer to grow back than regular waxing, and there is virtually no skin irritation because sugar doesn't adhere to live skin like wax does. Finally, pulling the hairs out in the direction of their growth has unexpected benefits: less pain and no ingrowns (usually a big issue for me).

So this is what she does and to be honest I think this is better :)
Thanks for your idea :)

Take Care

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