Best Solution for your oily skin

Want to get rid of oily skin here are some tips for oily skin become now in summer oily skin looking very bad and effect your beauty.So follow these steps.

1-Wash you face thoroughly whenever it feel to get much oily.Use hot water to wash but cold water is more effectively.Every night wash your face with hot and cold water up to 5 to 7 time.Make this a routine in the morning as the day starts and before going to bed.

2-You should follow a diet rich in protein but restricted in somersault and fluids.try to add more and more vegetables to your diet.Vitamins,irons and other mineral substances important for a healthy skin.

3-Using a face pack made of fullers earth,rose water and lemon juice twice a week can clean the pores and reduce oil secretion to a great degree.

4-You can also apply paste of lemon,egg white and grapes with warm water.

5-Apply paste  of tomatoes and pulp of w\raw papaya to remove the oil from your skin.But do not it more than 3 to 4 time a day.
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  2. Cleansing Oily Skin Although it may seem like a counter-productive measure to clean oily skin with oil-based products, they do actually prove to be quite effective in ridding the skin of excess sebum. See post