Natural Toners That DOESN'T Dry Out Skin

Most of the Toners really dried out my skin and I absolutely hated that especially in winter. At one point I got kind of flaky skin then I stopped using that toner. I put some research and I found a lot of toners that were natural out there. Yes, they sold NATURAL toners in REAL shops. I didn't actually believe it first but I had to try it out. And so I did. Read more to know which one suits your skin the best...

Lush's Tea Tree Water Toner

When I was watching reviews on this product, people said it made their pores smaller. Even my friend said it when she tried it out. But it didn't make mine smaller :( However, every one is different. It worked on most, it might work on you.
And the best thing I loved about this was that it didn't dry out my skin or it didn't over moisturised my skin.
It was just neutral. It didn't even give me that tight feeling on the skin.
Its great for acne prone skin since tea tree is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial.
So its great for acne prone, combination-dry skin and the ones with large pores.

Rose and Glycerine Toner


First of all, I like its smell.
I read the ingredients and yes there were a few chemicals so it wasn't 100% natural.
But I still tried it because I love rose water. It reminds me of India because a lot of princesses in ancient times used roses for beauty purposes.
Rose water is also good for acne prone skin because it has that cooling effect which calms the acne inflammations.
When I used this toner, I didn't even use my moisturiser sometimes because the toner itself is moisturising.
I think  it can be a 2 in 1 product a toner and moisturiser at the same time.
This is perfect for anyone who doesn't want too much product on their face.
Its great for dry skin type and acne prone skin :)

Sea Salt Toner

I haven't found a NATURAL Sea Salt toner in shops yet.
So I thought to make one. I used it for about a month and it never dried out my skin.
I know you are like how can it not dry out skin because its salt.
Well I think its maybe because its SEA salt not Table Salt. So its not processed in factories.
You can check out this post on DIY: Pure Sea Salt Facial Toner.

I hope you found your perfect toner :)

Take Care.
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