Don't Touch Your Face

The habit of touching your face with your hands, face scratching, or wiping the sweat is a bad the habit of. Without us knowing the habit of touches include a cause of acne. Every day we do activities with hands that would cause the germs and dirt accumulate in the palm of the hand and fingers. When we touch the face of the germs and dirt from hand to face, clogging pores, causing acne.
It is very difficult to break the habit of touching your face. Suddenly there is an itching or discomfort in the face of the spontaneous hand will scratch or touch. Even scratching with dirty nails. All people would do such a thing.

How do we stop the habit of touching your face. Certainly very difficult. Keep practicing to break the habit.

Here are some simple tips that can be implemented to stop this habit.

Ask for help from friends
Ask a friend or someone who is near to remind us when we touch the face. With people often remind us that over time our memories will remind not to touch your face.

Get used to bring clean handkerchief or tissue
Always provide clean handkerchief or tissue so that we do not touch the face directly but by using a handkerchief or tissue. If we have had to touch the face and no handkerchief or tissue then use the back of the hands, although this does not guarantee you are free from dirt and germs

Wash face
Frequently washing your face with fresh water. This is so that the face is always clean and fresh so it is not easy to feel itchy so we are not tempted to touch the face.

Let us stop the the habit of touching your face with your hands. These simple tips will reduce the appearance of acne on your face. Hopefully useful.

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