5 Kinds of Fruit for Health And Beauty

Something that natural is better and useful. Like the five kinds of fruit, the benefits really good for our skin health and beauty.

All five fruits have individual benefits for skin beauty:

This fruit useful as skin cleanser and freshener. Cut the lemon and apply on the skin is dirty or blackened like elbows and heels. While lemon juice mixed with water bath efficacious to get fresh skin. Not only that, lemon can also be used to treat dandruff and cleanse the scalp.

Fruit this one often used in beauty treatments since long. The content of vitamin E in it merit overcome dry skin and make it look more beautiful.

Pineapple is very useful to soften and cleanse the skin. Skin rough and dry skin can be reduced by taking this tropical fruits. Pineapple can also be applied to the skin rough like elbows, arms, knees, and heels.

Apricot juice is great to deal sunburned skin, eczema and hives.

Apple can be used as a skin conditioner and toner. The apple juice is very helpful in treating facial wrinkles, cracked skin, or inflammation. Apple juice can also be mixed into the water bath to obtain fresh and softer skin. Besides it can also reduce bad breath and protect the scalp from dandruff.
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