Dragon Fruit Benefits for Skin Health and Beauty

Fruit of this one in Indonesia called "buah naga"(dragon fruit)
Dragon fruit or also called, fruit kaktur, Pitahaya or kaktur Orkid is a fruit native from South America. However, a commercially developed in Vietnam and Australia.

The fruit is oval-shaped with a skin like dragon scales. It weighs about 400 grams, but some are enlarged up to one kilogram.

Two species are grown commercially is Hylocereus undatus (white contents) and Hylocereus polyrhizus (red contents). Other species that are less well known is seleniereus megalanthus containing the white and yellow.

Dragon fruit contains 80 percent water, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Dragon fruit is also rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is important for reducing the concentration of free radicals. Vitamin B3 is also moisturize and smooth the skin.

Dragon fruit is a fruit that one quite popular. Besides delicious eaten, dragon fruit is also good for health and beauty care.

What are the benefits of dragon fruit?

Overcoming the Sun Burned Skin
Sunburned skin is hot, red and very dry. It continues to feel the effects even after several hours passed. In order to quickly cools and the skin feels moist again, treat it with dragon fruit juice, cucumber and honey. Both these fruits will be re-cool the skin, while honey to avoid irritation.

Make dragon fruit juice and cucumber each two tablespoons. Both these fruits were mixed, then add one tablespoon of honey. Apply on the skin burn, let it pervasive and the skin feels cooler.
Rinse with warm water, continue with the cold water or ice water. Do it every time sunburned skin.

Preventing and Treating Acne
Skin disorders such as acne is very annoying and reduce the beauty of the skin.
Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, also useful for treating acne.

Take a quarter of a dragon fruit, solved and take the water,. Apply it on acne. Let dry and rinse with warm water. Do it as often as possible to healed acne.

Prevent Aging
Dragon fruit can also be used to prevent premature aging. Dragon fruit is rich in beta-carotene, that is provitamin A, which reduces the risk of oxidation by free radicals. In addition, the content of vitamin E was able to slow the progression of the cell.

Take half of dragon fruit, blend until smooth. Pour the one tablespoon of yogurt, Toss well. Apply to entire face and neck, leave on for 20 minutes or until dry. Rinse with warm water, continue with the cold water. Do it once a week.

Smooths and Moisturizes Skin
Vitamin B3 is contained in the dragon fruit is very effective for moisturizing the skin. This vitamin can also brighten the skin.

Take one medium sized of dragon fruit, mashed or blenders until smooth and then filtered.
Apply the juice of dragon fruit to the entire surface of the skin of the face, neck and body. Let it sink and dry. Do it twice a week so that the result is effective.

Protects Skin from UV Rays
Vitamins and minerals contained in the dragon fruit useful to protect the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. Phytofluence and phytoene contained in it is a natural protection for the skin.
Phytofluence molecule will absorb UV light and maintaining healthy skin. So the skin is not only healthy but also hinder the process of hyperpigmentation.

Make dragon fruit juice to taste, then Dip a cotton or soft cloth into it. Stick it on the face, leave some time to soak into the skin. Rinse with clean water. Do it every day before the move under the rays of the sun and the skin will be protected throughout the day.
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