Ginseng Benefits for Health And Beauty

Although many countries have ginseng plants, but Korea is considered as ginseng-producing country in the world. This is because Korea has a six-year-old ginseng most beneficial than other ginseng.

Korean ginseng is ginseng is the most special because it has the highest saponin content. Saponins are ginsenosida compounds contained in ginseng.

The geographical position of Korea makes the climate and the soil is suitable for growing ginseng excellence. Ginseng will begin bulbaceous after entering the fourth year of growth. At this age actually ginseng can be harvested and used for various purposes such as food or drink mix. But the content of ginseng saponin will peak at six years old and come back down in the seventh year due to lack of nutrients in the soil.

Six year old ginseng contains about 37 kinds of saponin compounds like Protopanaxadiol (PD), Protopanaxatriol (PT), and Oleanane, a positive benefit for the body, and this is the highest level compared to all ages ginseng from other countries such as Japan (8 kinds) , USA (14 kinds), and China (15 kinds).

However, due to various factors, not all of ginseng can last up to six years, and until now little has survived. This leads to six-year Korean ginseng is not exported out of the country.

Saponin compounds in ginseng has many benefits. In the world of health, regular consumption of ginseng may help overcome diabetes, to anticancer drugs, strengthen the heart, keep digestion, reduce stress, increase stamina, prevent anemia, boost immunity, strengthen the brain, to increase the fertility of men and women.

The benefits of ginseng for beauty
Ginseng is not only beneficial for health, but also to maintain the beauty and health of skin. Saponins also act as antioxidants, natural skin lightening and anti aging.

To maintain the beauty, ginseng is not only consumed as a beverage or medication. Ginseng in powder can be used as a face mask. Ginseng powder this can be found in a variety of herbal medicine shop in Chinatown. But if the trouble to get it, you can refine and apply it to the whole ginseng face as a mask. For maximum results, this facial mask can be used once a week.

Ginseng powder can also be used as a mixture in a moisturizer. In addition to keeping the skin moist, mixed ginseng is useful to prevent aging skin and prevent wrinkles. Special moisturizers, you should use a minimum of two days.
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