Fast Diet Tips for 90 Days.

Fast diet tips to help you how to lose weight in targeted, with the ultimate goal that is fast.
In addition it is necessary in the diet tips fast is how fast diet program progress and impact healthy for the body.
In a fast diet really is not that hard, just needed discipline to control your body and mind.

Here's a fast diet tips that you can do for 90 days.

The first month:
The main purpose of the first month is making plans and start implementing it piecemeal stages. The target is how you can lose weight with exercise activity for 40 minutes in three sessions each week. Start with 20 minutes by exercising that drain sweat and burn fat. Then rest and move on again. Close your exercise with relaxation of the body to restore energy body have been exhausted.

Second month:
In the second, you have to do is strengthen your workout by exercising for four sessions a week, and each session ranged from 50 to 60 minutes. Think positive to be able to lower the fat in your body. besides completely start to consume healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.
You can eat carbohydrates as part of the body's nutritional intake. The safest Carbohydrates are potatoes or rice, and even then you have to do it with ample servings. For fats, you can take vegetable fats such as avocados and nuts for healthy fats.

Third month:
Diet fast you are going with your exercise routine until the third month. Same as the previous month, the third month you will be required to increase the portion of the exercise with 90 minutes exercise five sessions a week. Exercises you can do the same as the previous exercise such as running, in the gym or activity center with the first 30 minutes as the highest intensity.
For food Establish yourself to discipline. If it is difficult, ask for help from family and the people closest to you to control the content of the food you eat every day.
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