Disguise Acne With Makeup

Leather is one part of the body that are exposed to a variety of problems. One of these is acne or inflammation. Acne will usually remain in the face in a long time, because it requires a process to heal. However, this need not be a barrier for you to stay beautiful and fascinating. "There are tricks you can do to disguise acne, so as not to ruin your looks," says makeup artist Sudirman Blue when doing make-up demo at the launch of Mustika Ratu Color Trends 2012 "Amuspa Buketan" in Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Friday (27.01.2012) ago.

1. Do not use a foundation that is too thick
To cover the acne, not infrequently you mengaplikasikanfoundation thick. Penggunaanfoundation should avoid too thick because it actually can aggravate acne. "Especially if the acne is inflamed, I suggest to menggunakanfoundation not at all, but only the powder alone," said the man who is familiarly called Didi.

2. Frame with the right eyebrow
To divert other people's views of the existing acne on the face, concentrate to form a seductive eyebrow. Frame and tidy eyebrows that look fresh and seductive eyes.

3. Use false eyelashes
False eyelashes are also useful to add to the elegance of the eye. If the eyelids tend to be large, you should use the extra eyelashes thicker, suitable for large eyes and a little dark. The result, the eyes will look a little smaller and more graceful.

4. use mascara
Do not forget to add mascara to your lashes look excellent and the more graceful. Black lashes and tapering could not look for someone to pay more attention to the eyes than acne on the face.

5. Asleep lipstick colors that are brighter
In addition to the eye, also focus the attention of others on your lips look sexy and stunning. "Choose a lipstick with a brighter color and light to a whole also faces appear brighter and radiant," he explained.
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