DIY: Updated Flawless Clear Skin

Hey guys. I have tried many different experiments to see which one works the best to get clear flawless skin.

So many of us don't have time these days to give some time for skin care. We just rush into things which is what makes our skin looks dull sometimes.

What you have to do is:

  • At the end of the day, take off all the make up. And leave your skin WITHOUT anything on your face at all. Not even a moisturiser. Just leave your skin off of products for an hour each day.
  • You could be doing your homework or your chores or anything in that hour. 

  • Then after an hour, apply a toner first and then a moisturiser. Massage your skin with the moisturiser for 2 mins and then you are back to your daily routine. You can leave it like that overnight and You will wake up to beautiful, flawless skin.

You can check my post on DIY: Pure Sea Salt Facial Toner if you don't want to use any commercial products. And this toner also heals your skin faster. You can read its benefits on the post and how to make it :)

Take Care.
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Love Krishna xxx

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