Lush Ocean Salt Scrub Review

So a few weeks back I went to town and came across the Lush shop. To be honest I never knew what this shop was about. When I stepped in there, it smelled like heaven. I mean seriously amazing

Then I asked some lady what are these products that they are selling and she told me that they make these products like literally hand made. You can also check out their videos on YouTube to see how they make their products HERE and HERE (Yes they have 2 channels :S )
Because I was looking to buy some exfoliators, this lady recommended me this Ocean Salt Scrub.

Personal Exp: 

After trying it out for like 3 weeks, I think it is the BESTEST exfoliator ever. It doesn't dry out my skin in fact it softens my skin. It exfoliates like no other exfoliators. People with dry, acne prone, clogged pore or blackhead type skin should definitely give it a try. And the price is fair because its totally worth it.

Here is the link of the video in which they show how they make this scrub. You can actually make it at home. I tried but it was a fail unfortunately because I didn't get the right ingredients. Long Story... 

But definitely give it a try :) Take Care.

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Love Krishna xxx

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