DIY: Tip for Long Lasting Curled Nourished Lashes

I have mascara on here.

This is the strangest tip ever and I promise you have never heard of it before. It doesn’t involve curlers or any lash-damaging stuff.

If you follow this tip you won't need to use curlers and that is really good because curling lashes can make them brittle overtime.

This tip also helps to nourish my lashes. No matter how much mascara I use, they will not dry out and get brittle.

You Need

A really good nourishing moisturizer. I use Palmer's Coco Butter.

The Tip is: 

Take some of your chosen moisturiser and rub it between your fingers to warm it up.
Now this is the strange part. Apply the moisturizer on your lashes.
Push your lashes upwards to open up your eyes. This will also curl them slightly without damaging your lashes.
Don’t apply too much or too little. Just enough to nourish them. Then you can apply your mascara.

Don’t worry, the mascara you apply after will not smudge or anything. It works amazing. You lashes will stay curled all day long.

Ha! You can actually see my camera in the pupil :P

And I am speaking from the experience. My lashes have never been in such a good condition.

Share you experience in the comments :) Take Care.
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Love Krishna xxx

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