Eye Make up

Basic Eye Makeup Kits

Most eye makeup assortments offer three basic shades or colors.
  • Highlighter – the lightest shade, designed to bring out the areas it is applied to.
  • Mid Shade – this shade should be closest to your natural skin color. It is the most subtle of the colors, but the most important.
  • Contour – the darkest shade causes the area to recede.

Fun Eye Makeup Ideas

Changing your eye makeup can change your overall look dramatically, and there is no shortage of fabulous eye makeup products to experiment with! Try one of these fun ideas to change up your look:
  • A glamorous cat eye look is both sexy and polished. It’s sweeping eyeliner really draws attention to the eye and makes eyes appear larger.
  • Bright eye makeup is a hot trend, and one that is easier for most women to pull off than they think. Try a bright shade, such as turquoise or yellow, on your upper lid, and keep the rest of your makeup fresh and bright — but on the natural side — to balance the eyes.
  • For a fun, funky eye makeup look, try using two different eye makeup colors on the top an bottom of the eye.
  • Spice up a smoky eye in a fresh new way with the addition of a metallic of shimmer eyeliner. Or, use a colored shadow for your smoky eye look, such as blue or purple, instead of the standard black or grey.

Ideas for Enhancing Your Eye Shape with Makeup

Every eye shape is special and unique, but sometimes makeup can enhance the shape of the eye to create a more balanced and beautiful look.

Hooded Eyes

With a hooded eye, the lids look partly closed. So, to open up the eye, you can use makeup to minimize the eyelid.
  • Start by drawing more attention to your eyebrows. Ensure they are properly shaped and use them to entice interest upwards from the eyelid.
  • Cover the skin from the brow bone to the upper lash line with the highlight color.
  • Next apply the mid shade to most of the surface of the eyelid.
  • With the contour shade, brush on the outer half of the lid and up towards the brow.
  • Follow with a fine line of contour under the lower lashes.
  • This eye type really benefits from having eye makeup – either shadow or eyeliner – under the lower lashes.
  • When using eyeliner, also extend the line from the outer upper lashes slightly past the edge of the eye.

Droopy Eyes

As eyes age, they inevitably begin to droop. Although you can’t reverse the process, you can try the following eye makeup ideas to camouflage the problem.
  • Place highlighter on the area immediately under your eyebrow and completely cover the eyelid.
  • Apply the mid shade to the crease up towards the brow line.
  • Use the contour color on the outside corner of the upper lashes and brush up towards the crease slightly.
  • Also apply the contour shade along the entire lash line under the eye.

Other Ideas

Our article, Eye Makeup Tips, covers some other standard methods for transforming wide and close set eyes, prominent eyes, and techniques to help your eyes look big and bold. Check it out if you need more information on these types of eye makeup ideas.
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