Children's Beauty Pageants - They go Too Far

The next day I sat down and watched the show interesting year on the Oxygen Network. I usually do not watch that station, caught the eye of this goal, it was a beauty contest, with children aged 4 to 8 years.

If my eyes were glued to this show, and not because of beauty, instead of all this madness. Shaken, this is the best word to describe how I felt watching this show. I mean, mothers spend their life savings to get the girls in the contest the thesis dissertation and become overseers. I see a perfect thesis of children discharged into balls makeup to hide their shortcomings. Seriously, how many wrinkles CDN four-year-old to eat?

When a child has done with their makeup and hair, they look ten times their age. Children with absolute hysterics because of stress behavior of the mother, they are full of snobs of gold, like their parents.

Brings the question, in my opinion, as a moral right? Is it building self-esteem is unhealthy or causing a premature child's ego. Does it teach young girls that theses are in a vulnerable age, having learned that the beauty of it all? Does this matter to their development of an eating disorder, or worse, when they get older?

Those that question popped into my mind strong. In modern society, especially women, appearance and beauty are a serious problem for them. It is not uncommon to hear a story where a woman develops an eating disorder a year because she wants to be thin and beautiful, as women in magazines. Now it should be a beautiful baby at the age of influential oven. As they grow and change, they may not have the same views they did when they won the competition back when they were little girls. Perhaps they gained weight in gold has changed dramatically function, at least of them. When they look in the mirror, they may not like what they see, despite the fact they are still absolutely gorgeous. It's all because of the strict rules they have time to follow the rise.

As the thesis contests to bring the "witch" children in the thesis? Well, after hearing the thesis of the conversation the mother of his children, you would swear that all the remaining dirt and their child, or the recipient of praise is perfect. Is not it help the child's behavior one bit. This helps make the relationship to their child feel like a winner they are and be proud of that goal after being on their heads easily and Canon continues to work even when they are not on the course. This means that clustering is a feeling of "I am the best" will move the soy in school and other public gathering places. In my opinion, it will make one or two things. On the one hand, it will turn em in the popular, stuck-girl on campus, that all the other girls want to be and will do everything to make friends. But it will do the opposite and four-wheel drive people away from them, which can lead to other major mental problems down the line.

Thus, the thesis contests are harmful to children? No, no, if the parent set a good example for their daughter. Same thing with the boys, and sports. For example, some coaches take the game too far, the treatment of their children, they are millions of players jumping on the big win of the tournament in a year. God forbid they lose a game, it's ace, if they actually lost World Series. The fact is, any, social events, arts, sports, gold is good if you teach your child well.

Parents should look at it as a fun experience, and boasts a curb and relationships, leaving them to "stage" or "playing field". They need to teach good sportsmanship and how to be good at the moment of defeat. If this happens, and strictly enforced, then the thesis of Canadian events to be fun and a great experience for the children's thesis. Especially in the contest, parents should instill in their children that they are beautiful, and do not need to change for everyone, regardless of the cause.

In addition, parents should not be their dream of life be a beauty queen, with gold star in their child's sport. I am inclined to think that the reason for their act, intense competition with their children, because they have their dream of living vicariously. Parents, it is unfair to your child. Do them in beauty pageants or anything competitive forces, if they do not want to participate. If they lose interest in the sporting spectacle of gold, looking for something else intéressée They are in and, most importantly, do not take it personally.

These events can be a great way to spend time with your child, make the most of them and keep them fun! If so, what will be a magical experience, I promise.
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