Child Beauty Pageants

The first child beauty pageants in the United States started in the 1960's. Today, the beauty pageants have conveniently seduced the very essence of beauty, confidence and poise to gain its position in the world of fashion. The children are judged on how well they display the different clothes line, how well they dance and how talented they are. But are the children geared up to match the standards that most beauty pageants outline? I say they aren't.

Sexed-up little girls sashaying down a cat-walk or stage in full makeup with teased hair and glitzy dresses isn't amusing or cute. In fact, it borders on child abuse. And I also fear that this sexing up will attract unwanted attention from paedophiles! I so hope that some of the parents would just think that thought. Perhaps it'd make them change their attitude.

This vid nearly made me fall off my sofa. A little girl singing a love song, and in the middle of it all she takes off her skirt and make moves with her abdomen that isn't really 'appropriate' for a little girl to make. But perhaps it's just me - watch it and judge for yourself:

Sammie Jay age 6 singing Stupid Cupid 

I think the parents are inviting the paedophiles to 'join the party' when they dress their little girls up like sluts and make them act like that too.

Mothers who have their children in beauty pageants say that their children gain confidence through performing. They also say that they are more prepared for life and will be more socially comfortable. I say that's a load of bullocks! Parents say that they are putting their children into beauty pageants because their child wants to do it. Again - what a load of crap. The kids are starting in these competitions when they're less than two years old, and don't have a language yet. So how can the mothers know that the children actually want to do it?

More and more children develop eating disorders because they feel that their body is not perfect. The girls in pageants will do anything to get to the perfect size including starting such habits as bulimia and anorexia. That's sick. Literally!

I don't know why these mothers would want their kids look like little adults. Or like a dad said it: "She looks like a midget prostitute!" Do I need to say that he wasn't fond of his wife's little 'hobby'?

Some parents have pictures of their toddlers photoshopped and airbrushed to make the kids look better.
But please - kids look much cuter without the makeup, fake teeth and fake hair!
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