DIY: Most Effective Weight Loss Tip

When I was trying to lose weight, I tried everything from A- Z and they didn't really work. I lost weight but then I gained the same amount. So I got really frustrated.

Then I heard about this tip on internet. I read it on so many blogs but I didn't think it would work. Finally, I give it a chance and it came out to be the MOST effective tip I ever tried. My belly was flat and my thighs were slimmer as I wanted.

I lost about 4-5 kg and that's how much I was aiming for. I wasn't really fat but I wanted to keep my weight under control if you know what I mean.

So the tip is: Eat only and ONLY when you feel that you are hungry and only when you really need to eat something. Do not eat if you are full or half full. You can eat as many meals as you want but remember to eat them only when you are hungry. 
Also don't eat 2 hours before going to bed. Drink lots of water. You can eat junk food but in a limited amount.

If you strictly follow these tips for at least 2 weeks, I promise you, you will lose weight.

This tip helps you lose belly fat, back arms fat and thigh fat. Basically everywhere girls are aiming to lose fat these days.

I hope you guys get to your aimed scale. Take Care.

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Love Krishna xxx

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