DIY: Body Sugaring to Remove Body Hair from Roots

Helloo Girls! So a few days back I posted Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets where I mentioned about Body Sugaring. I couldn't fully explain about Body Sugaring in that post because it'd take really long. So I am making a separate post for that.

A lot of Egyptian and Indian women used this Body Sugaring technique to remove hair from the roots. They had a lot of problems from lice so they preferred to keep themselves hair-less. They even shaved their heads and wore a wig instead to avoid lice. Read more how to remove body hair from the roots with this technique...
This is very similar to waxing except this is a natural approach.

All you Need:

1 cup Sugar
Juice from one half Lemon
1 cup Honey

A Popsicle stick or a Spatula
Cotton Fabric Strips (You can use old jeans fabric and cut it into strips).


1.     Mix all the ingredient in a sauce pan and turn on the heat to medium. 
2.     Once it starts boiling turn the heat to low and start stirring.
3.     Turn off the heat after 2 mins of stirring and let it sit until it gets warm enough to touch. 
4.     Please be careful here and make sure you don't get burnt by the hot mixture :)

How to Apply:

1.     Dust your skin with talc powder or cornstarch. This will prevent the paste from sticking to your skin.
2.     Use the popsicle stick or spatula to apply the paste in direction of hair growth. 
3.     Cover the applied paste with cotton/ jeans strips and rub the fabric in direction of hair growth. 
4.     Hold the skin tight and pull the strip off in opposite direction of hair growth.

And that's it :) I told you its very similar to waxing except the paste is home made. 
Let me know how it worked for you :)

Take Care.
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