Natural Bristle Brushes Vs Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Many people have asked this question about brushes. Now that I have used both types of brushes, I can tell you the differences between them. Although I will only tell you from my experiences. I haven't researched of what everyone else' opinions are. For example I have used Ecotools Retractable brush that has synthetic bristles and Inglot brush (4SS) with natural bristles. Both are good in terms of application depending on the type of coverage you want. Read more to find out which brush type suits you the best...

Ecotools Retractable Synthetic Brush:

  • It gives you higher coverage.
  • Suitable for winter time when you want full coverage.
  • Gives smooth and flawless application.
  • Doesn't cover the pores anyhow.
  • The bristles are a little harder than natural bristles.
  • Can be identified by the colour of bristles. It has that ombre colour effect on the bristles. (you can see in the photos above).
  • The bristles somehow separate among themselves while applying foundation. This gets really annoying sometimes.

Inglot (4SS) Natural Brush:

  • I like this brush because it gives medium coverage which is great for summer.
  • It can make your pores invisible. If you want to learn the trick of getting pores invisible with natural brushes then scroll down and watch the linked video.
  • You need more product to work with this brush because somehow I think natural brushes absorb some product like a sponge.
  • The bristles are sooooo much softer than the synthetic ones.
  • This brush gives you a flawless doll look since it can hide away the pores effectively. 
  • Can be identified by the dark coloured bristles like shown in the picture above. 
  • These are more expensive than synthetic brushes but I think they are worth it. 
Btw Inglot sells both synthetic and natural brushes.

I hope now you know which brush will suit you the best :)
Comment below if you have any questions!

Take Care.
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